I’m the editor-publisher of the Wentworth Gazette.

I’ve never been involved in politics at any level, nor do I plan to in the future. I have a cottage in Wentworth, where all I wanted was to enjoy my property in peace. However, I came face-to-face with foolish policies disconnected from common sense.

For instance, even though we’re surrounded by forest containing millions of trees, in order to cut down one tree, we have to get special permission from city hall and pay $25 for a permit. There already were laws protecting trees on waterfront and along property boundaries, yet they passed a new law forbidding the cutting of any tree anywhere without dispensation.

As another example, our city hall has made it illegal to own any animals except for pets anywhere in Wentworth. In other words, if you’re out in the middle of the woods, far from water and other people, you can’t even raise one chicken. That’s the work of an administration detached from reality.

Wentworth is in a slow downward spiral. Families are having fewer children and there is less work available. We’re losing our young people to the cities. A sensible administration should do whatever possible to encourage people to homestead and scrape together an income by profiting from a tiny part of our extraordinary natural environmental wealth. Instead, the one word that comes out of city hall, time after time, is NO.

A lot of work has been put into researching the articles in www.WentworthGazette.com. Organizations are named, documents shown and links provided. Those criticized have plenty of power, and if they could find something wrong with the information published here they would.

On a personal note, I enjoy finding out when I’m wrong. The times when I find out I’m wrong are the times when I learn the most. If anyone can show where anything published here is wrong, please do so.

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