Municipal Website

The contents of the current Municipal website are flimsy & arbitrary. A good website costs money. The current budget is $25 thousand/year for the website, Municipal flyer & translations.

Our Municipal website should contain a number of basic things, such as a searchable database of all civic laws & regulations, downloadable permit applications, agenda for upcoming public Council Meetings, minutes of previous Council Meetings, the Municipal budget, tenders & contracts, etc.

[UPDATE: The new administration has clearly posted the budgets for Wentworth HERE and HERE, contracts HERE, full Council Meeting minutes HERE.]

Wentworth is part of the MRC d’Argenteuil, which consists of 8 other Municipalities. They are all small, except for Lachute. Wentworth and the 7 other small Municipalities have the same basic website needs. We could all hire one company to provide the same basic template. In fact, there are hundreds of small Municipalities with the same website needs, and it’s a waste for us all to have custom websites. We could have big permanent savings – and better websites – with a little bit of organization and coordination. Since Wentworth has about 800 registered voters, if we save $20 thousand/year for the next 4 years, we would save $100 each and have a better website.

We can also save on translations. We are officially bilingual, and want to safeguard our status. Translating can be expensive. However, only a small portion of our needs have to be high quality translations. Most of the rest only need to be understandable. The way to save is by using Google Translate. This method gives an immediate free translation, and any of our office employees can do the rest. A native French speaker can polish a document originally generated in English, and a native English speaker can polish what was originally a French document. The long slow Winter months are excellent times for laying down the groundwork that will give us savings for years to come.